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The Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response (JRACR) was founded by the Society for Risk Analysis – China (SRA-China), and published every quarter by Atlantis Press since July 2011. As an official publication of the SRA-China, JRACR aims to promote the development of science and technology in the field of risk analysis and crisis response, to provide an international forum for sharing theories and applications in the field, and for exchanging the research findings and case studies. Hence it is an international journal focused on publishing papers in science and technology rather than on public policies and regulations

On March 9, 2021 Springer Nature acquired Atlantis Press, and JRACR ceased publishing through the Atlantis Press platform. However, the back issues will continue to be available on the Atlantis Press platform until further notice of their migration to SpringerLink, in due course.

Using the original International Standard Serial Number (ISSN), SRA-China will continue to edit and publish its official publication, JRACR, on the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) platform, which was founded in 1998 ( According to the PKP PUBLISHING SERVICES: HOSTING SUPPORT AGREEMENT, “JRACR will be hosted and published in Public Knowledge Project – Open Journal Systems since Volume 11, Issue 3.”

We at JRACR invite you to submit high quality paper written in the English language. It is expected that the standard of English is sufficient, with sound grammar and terminologies, else linguistic corrections will be required. Please format your paper according to the ‘JRACR-Template-New’ and either log into the journal website ( to register and upload your paper, or submit the paper directly to the editorial department at:

The JRACR editorial department will ensure that the paper is reviewed within 30-45 days and if the author fails to receive a notification of ‘Acceptance’ or ‘Rejection’ within 60 days, he/she can notify the editorial department by e-mail.

All articles on the journal are “gold” open access and therefore freely available in perpetuity from the moment of publication with a Creative Commons (CC) end-user license attached. No fees will be charged for articles and no surcharges will apply for the length of an article, for illustrations and figures (including color figures), and for supplementary data unless noted otherwise (refer to a publication’s Author Guidelines for further details).

Authors who publish in the Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response are requested to sign a Journal Publishing Agreement upon acceptance of their article. This agreement states that the copyright of all articles which are published in the journal remains with the Authors, i.e. Authors retain full ownership of their published work, and that the Authors grant the Publisher an exclusive license to publish and distribute the article, including for commercial purposes, as well as the right to license others to do the same. Permitted third-party reuse of the open access articles is subsequently defined by the applicable Creative Commons (CC) end-user license. All articles in the Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response are published under the CC BY-NC 4.0 license, meaning that end users can freely share an article (i.e. copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format) and adapt it (i.e. remix, transform and build upon the material) on the condition that proper attribution is given (i.e. appropriate credit, a link to the applicable license and an indication if any changes were made; all in such a way that does not suggest that the licensor endorses the user or the use) and the material is only used for non-commercial purposes. 

Hence submitting a paper to JRACR, means it is authorized to publish exclusively. At the same time, the author must ensure the originality of the paper, and that it does not infringe on the copyright of any third party. The author is also responsible for preventing the multi-contribution or simultaneous publication of the same manuscript.

JRACR is a peer-reviewed journal and publishes both high-quality academic and application-oriented papers in the field of risk analysis and crisis response. Relevant topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. General theory and methods on risk analysis and risk management
  2. General theory and methods on crisis response and emergency management
  3. Risks caused by environmental hazards
  4. Risks caused by natural disasters
  5. Risks caused by terrorism
  6. Risk identification and management in food safety
  7. Risk issues in industrial systems
  8. Investment risks in projects
  9. Risks in financial systems
  10. Risks faced by insurance industry
  11. Risks in information systems
  12. Emerging risks related to new technologies and environment
  13. Emerging risks related to global climate change
  14. Emergency management of catastrophic accidents
  15. Emergency management of natural disasters
  16. Public health and crisis response to outbreaks
  17. Information systems serving for risk analysis and risk management
  18. Internet of Intelligences and risk radar

Thank you very much for your support to our journal.

We hope to receive more contributions and attention from you or your friends.

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Editorial Department

Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

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