JRACR has been accepted for Scopus


The Scopus Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB) has reviewed our application and approved JRACR for coverage. The Scopus database is a research management and discipline planning database launched by Elsevier, the world's largest publishing house. It is the world's largest peer-reviewed journal abstract and citation database, containing over 22000 peer-reviewed academic journals, over 7 million academic conference papers, and 150000 books published by 5000 publishing houses worldwide. Covering natural sciences, technology, engineering, medicine, social sciences, art, and humanities. Important global university ranking institutions, including QS, THE, China's Best University Rankings in Soft Science, China's High Cited Scholar Rankings, Stanford's Top 2% Scientists, etc., all use Scopus database data as a benchmark to evaluate discipline output and development. By having its content included in Scopus, JRACR's publications will be discoverable at thousands of the world's top research institutions.

Editorial Department of JRACR