Five Supplementary Therapies for COVID-19


  • Liyuan Liu College of Life Science, Beijing Normal University


COVID-19 therapy sputum suction semireclining posture coldrex Vitamin B2 SO2 aspirin dexamethasone


The COVID-19 is characteristic of both damage of the respiratory system and the immune system or both similarities of SARS and AIDS. These features decide difficulty of specific treatment. The worldwide transmission and higher fatality rate call for new skills for prevention and treatment. Here, we recommend five supplementary therapies for COVID-19. (1) Discharging viruses from lungs by exhaling, coughing and suction are firstly emphasized. (2) Semireclining posture instead of lying supine for lightening hyperemia and edema of inflammation and dyspnea. (3) Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory coldrex, such as tylenol and paracetamol, can be safely used for controlling inflammation. (4) Vitamin B2 must be used for repairing of mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and as antioxidants. (5) It is most emphasized that sulfur dioxide (SO2 ) produced from burning sulfur and explosion of firecrackers has a potent antimicrobial effect for air disinfectant and killing viruses in the lungs. In addition to the general therapies, all these methods or therapies can be simply and effectively supplied to patients for discharging viruses, inhibiting viruses and killing viruses, and for recovery from damages.


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