Enterprise Marketing Risk Control Based on Information Technology and Supply Chain Management


  • Khaled Mohammed Alqahtani Business School, Shaqra University, Riyadh (11662), Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia




Marketing Risk, Risk Control, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management


The overall economic development of today’s society is showing a downward trend. In the process of operating and marketing, enterprises are affected by various factors. After the marketing risk reaches a certain level, enterprises would encounter various risks such as blocked marketing plans and failure to meet the estimated marketing goals. Enterprise marketing is affected by economic and market risks such as lack of information, decision-making errors, natural disasters, human factors, and other natural and social risks. This article combined information technology with supply chain management, applied radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to supply chain management, and controlled enterprise marketing risks through reasonable management of the supply chain. It also compared the effectiveness of enterprise marketing risk control between an information technology intelligent supply chain combined with RFID and a supply chain managed by ordinary artificial structures. The experimental results showed that the highest value of goods loss rate in the supply chain based on RFID technology and using traditional technology was 5% and 15%, respectively, according to the sample of goods loss experiments. For the information verification process of goods in supply chain management, the information identification accuracy rates of barcode and RFID technology were 89.98% and 97.7%, respectively. Therefore, applying the information technology intelligent supply chain management model combined with RFID technology to enterprise marketing risk control can save money for enterprises, ensure product quality, and effectively reduce the risks encountered in enterprise marketing by reducing information gaps, and reducing transportation and storage costs.


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Khaled Mohammed Alqahtani. (2024). Enterprise Marketing Risk Control Based on Information Technology and Supply Chain Management. Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response, 14(1). https://doi.org/10.54560/jracr.v14i1.434