Analyzing the Challenges of Cross-Border Disaster Response and Management: A European Perspective


  • Stavros Kalogiannidis Department of Business Administration, University of Western Macedonia, Grevena (2463), Western Macedonia Region, Greece



Cross-border Disaster Response and Management, Administrative Barriers, Cultural Differences, Linguistic Differences, Coordination Frameworks, Disaster Response Efficiency, Europe


This study investigates the challenges of cross-border disaster response and management in Europe, with a focus on legal and administrative barriers, cultural and linguistic differences, and existing frameworks and protocols. It seeks to understand their impact on the effectiveness of disaster management and identify areas for improvement. A quantitative approach was employed using a descriptive research design. A sample of 233 disaster management experts in Greece, representative of Europe, participated in the study. Data were collected through a well-designed questionnaire and analyzed using multiple regression analysis. The study found that in Europe, administrative and legislative obstacles seriously obstruct efficient cross-border catastrophe response and management. Although cultural and language differences have a statistically significant detrimental effect, hey equally have less of an effect overall. The current structures and procedures for cross-border disaster coordination positively impact the efficiency of catastrophe management. The study emphasizes how crucial it is to remove administrative and legal obstacles to improve cross-border catastrophe response throughout Europe. It implies that more efficient resource sharing systems, unified legal frameworks, and streamlined administrative processes are required. Furthermore, the impact of linguistic and cultural disparities can be lessened by fostering cultural awareness and multilingualism. To increase the efficacy of disaster management, the study recommends strengthening and standardize current frameworks and procedures. From a European perspective, this study offers insightful information about the difficulties involved in responding to cross-border disasters. It offers practitioners and policymakers evidence-based suggestions to improve coordination and response effectiveness, which will ultimately improve disaster management in Europe and beyond.


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Stavros Kalogiannidis. (2024). Analyzing the Challenges of Cross-Border Disaster Response and Management: A European Perspective. Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response, 14(2).